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Couples Conversation Starters: Money

money questions

One of the most important things we can do in a couple is continue to learn about one another.

When we stop being curious and start making assumptions about the people in our lives we start running into problems. Take some time over the weekend to get to know this person in a new way by asking these ten simple questions.

Even if you think you know their answer, ask and see if their response has changed or grown since you last checked in.

Accept their answers with warmth (the goal is to create openness for more sharing- not to be right about knowing everything). It might be exciting to learn how your partner has changed over time.

Five Steps to Stop Jealousy

Stop Being Jealous

The idea of overcoming jealousy may seem daunting to many of us.  When you are caught up in the emotions and insecurities jealousy brings you can feel powerless against it's riptide.  But just like ocean swimming- with some intention action and training, you can learn to ride the waves with skill.

First, acknowledge the jealousy that is present- honestly.

Before you can begin to get past your jealousy, you need to admit that it's a real problem that is keeping you from loving healthy relationships and self-love.  Jealously can be truly debilitating. Take this quiz to determine if jealousy is a problem in your life.

Then, reflect on your jealousy.

If you’re going to really change the way jealousy shows up in your life, you have to understand why you are having these feelings to begin with. What kind of jealousy is showing up for you?

Most importantly, focus on self-improvement. 

If you’re a chronically jealous person, chances are you are experiencing insecurity-  you don’t think highly of yourself and get caught up comparing yourself to others you admire.  It's time to work on making yourself into a person who has no reason to be jealous because you're so happy with who you are.

Practice gratitude.

When scarcity and fear visit, they are often protecting the things that matter most to us.  Their greatest antidote is gratitude.  Remind yourself that you're lucky just to be alive,a nd turn your energy to the greatness all around you.

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